As the end of the year nears, I realize it is also the end of a decade. Wow…. If I think back 10 years ago, did I ever consciously think where I would be now, 10 years later? Honestly? No! Maybe I did have a plan. Actually, I am sure I did. But did I consciously live these past 10 years thinking what happens daily? I was on a remote pilot program. Stable, some challenges, but above all stable (and happy about that).

7 years ago, my life changed…. An unplanned baby came to our lives. Just when I was planning changes in my professional one. Those had to wait. Then 3 years later, my life changed again. An unplanned sale of our company meant new professional challenges! 

It is since then, I  became more conscious of what is going on in my life. 

Every end of the year I stop to analyze my life. What are the awesome things that happened, what are the less good things that happened, what mistakes did I make? What did I learn? What am I definitely doing next year again and what not? What was in my control and what totally wasn’t? Yes, every end of the year. 

Who am I grateful for in my life, who are not anymore in my life and why? My accomplishments, my disappointments, moments of extreme happiness and others not so much. 

Why? Well, because I think it is important to see where I can improve, where can I grow, where can I save myself of unnecessary sorrow(s). And most importantly, what can I learn from everything that happened in the past year.

As the end of the year nears and people are in their rush of Christmas decorations, gifts, menu’s and parties, this year I am contently waiting for the day that my family and I (including my 82 year old beautiful mom) are boarding on a plane. Very little Christmas decorations, maybe some little gifts, no worries about menu’s or parties. We are going to spend 2 weeks of family time, making memories, cuddling and hugging each other a lot. 

As the end of the year ends, my wish for you is that you too stop and reflect on what has been going on in your life this past year, this past decade. What are the promises you can make first to yourself, but also to those important ones in your family for the next year.

How will the next decade of your life look like?

From my home to your home, I wish you a Merry Christmas and an Extremely Happy Awesome New Year! 

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