“It’s all about quality of life and finding a happy balance between family,
work and friends.

This is my support system!

About the Head

Nadine Antersijn, -married name Willems-, mother of two girls is a native, Aruban born
facilitator with over 25 years of experience in HR and Training.

With education in Human Resources and Organizational Management, Nadine has since her
return from The Netherlands in 1995, worked in HR at the old Sonesta Resorts, HR;
Training in Retail, co-owned and co-managed Rhodhana Security, one of the largest security
companies on Aruba for 16 years, being responsible for all Corporate Relations, HR and
Training of a staff consisting of approx. 100 employees. The experience needed for a well
balanced leadership background.

Since 2015, Nadine is the inhouse Trainer for Gianni’s Group, a successful local family
owned corporation that manages 10 F & B locations, Bakery and Pastry, Gelato laboratory,
wholesale and retail production, Real Estate properties and employs approx. 500 employees.
Working for this group has added an intensive Hospitality experience on Nadine’s
curriculum, working in a multi-cultural environment. She has worked with different
International guest facilitators and has attended multiple international training conferences
to stay up to date with the training trends.

Since 2017 Nadine is an active member of CHART (Council of Hotel and Restaurant
Trainers). During the summer conference of 2021 in Atlanta, Nadine had the honor to sit in
a discussion panel talking about the Generation Z in the Hospitality Industry.
At the winter conference in 2022 in Las Vegas, Nadine formed part of the Conference Team
as a “First Time Attendee co-Conference Director”.

In 2017 Nadine was certified as a “Chief Happiness Officer”, in 2018 she obtained her Gold
Service certification from the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute (AHLEI) and in
2019 added to this, the Hospitality Department Trainer certification from the same institute.

After freelancing for 20+ years, having a well-established customer base, at the beginning
of 2019, Nadine finally launched “Momax Trainings & More”.

Besides being a vivid customer service oriented person by heart, Nadine is also very
passionate about her skills as a facilitator and motivator. She is direct, uses humor and
interaction in her sessions to keep participants involved. Nadine truly wants to contribute to
the upgrading of service standards and people management overall in the Aruban Industry
(and who knows also someday abroad), but also believes that her calling is to help people
(and their organization) become a better version of themselves.​

"A little more persistence, a little more effort,
and what seemed hopeless failure, may turn to glorious success"
-Elbert Hubbard