It seems that we are sinking more and more in a spiral of discussions, fights and disagreements. Social media has made us become more articulate, less humble and definitely more inconsiderate of others feelings, beliefs or opinions. 

What happened to ‘us’?

While at one side I am learning from many people that the period they were locked at home, they found out many positive things: like working from home is possible, spending time with family and kids is fun and gratifying, planting a garden is amazing (just to mention a few positive things),  on the other side we are having racism issues acting up , large protests and even destruction going on in a time we have to maintain physical distance, turbulence in education, unions rising up strong for their rights, people not agreeing with decisions being made on one topic and down playing it to another. 

Let me get one thing straight: There are so many issues in the world that need attention – racism, child abuse, negligence, bullying, divorce, domestic violence, human trafficking, animal rights, education, starvation, poverty, environmental issues, climate change, waste management, spilling, religious wars, protection of the land, of the birds …. And I can go on and on, right?

Choose your battle, focus on the one thing (or two) you would like to see changed or improved. Educate yourself. BUT DON’T EVER down play one issue to another. Not all issues can be dealt with at the same time, not all issues are simple to deal with; most issues are issues that needed to be dealt with a long time ago. Fight your fight without offending someone else’s fight. Don’t get mad, if someone doesn’t want to participate in your fight. That doesn’t mean they don’t think your fight is important. They might be fighting their own. Together we can then fight more issues, instead of we ending up fighting each other. 

Through all this mess, can we try to look at the bright side of things? Instead of pointing out the negative first? Can we try to change our mindset to STOP being negative or offensive all of the time and find some positivism (too)? #mindsetmatters

In a time of crisis, we are getting the opportunity to find new a/o different ways to do things. Let’s make use of it, positively. Let’s stop screaming so hard we cannot hear others screaming a plead for help. Let’s -by all means- keep calm, stay wise and be kind. 

I went to church last week, to honor the 6 weeks death anniversary of a dear uncle – weird mass with all the measures in place. But that is not the point. The point is that everyone who is trying to instill positivism in you is preaching about: Respect, Humbleness, Love, Care, Consideration of others, Resilience and above all Positivism that it will all turn out fine. We will be ok. Really. Let’s have Faith, let’s do the right things…. 

I believe it is time for some serious reflection, whether you believe (in God, in a higher power) or not. Let’s all take some time in the day to be grateful for at least 1 thing in our lives. Then we try to focus on something positive to get us through the day and lastly we will try to, FOR (at least) ONE DAY, not to post anything negative nor comment anything negative on someone else’s (negative) post. 

Just scroll by.

It may sound hard or weird now, but I am sure if you really set your mind to it, you will succeed. Mindset does matter. Try to find happiness instead of negativism. Happiness is a state of mind. Specifically, it is a state of “well-being and contentment.” 

Whatever it is that makes you happy, remember that during this period of crisis we have to become more creative and find ways to stay active, to stay in touch, to do what makes our heart happy. Invest in your happiness from now to the future. 

Let’s take care of ourselves: both our physical and mental health. Let the fact that you do not live alone on this world, take others in consideration. If you do not agree with someone, you can leave it to that. Respect each other’s opinion and space. I know we can do it, if we really try. Let’s all transition to a better normal.

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