It’s been 7 weeks since The Much Anticipated 2020…. What are you doing differently than a couple of months ago? Or have you fallen into your same old routine again? How are you holding up to those New Year’s resolutions?

I knew I was going to be very busy the first ‘few’ weeks of the new year, what I didn’t realize is that I have been busy for all the 7 weeks of the new year. Business is good, the family keeps me busy, I started golfing again, walking, swimming and doing some yoga. Am I complaining? HELL NO…. but I am realizing that I am a bit more busy than I really want to be. I am eating healthy, and having my precious wine moments.

There are three things I am truly missing: I miss my Candy Crush moments, I miss my extended gardening; my herbal garden shrunk considerably and I miss organizing the monthly events for my 50 shades of fabulous girls. You must make time for everything, and time is so precious lately. Time flies when you are having fun, right? I guess that is what has been happening these past 7 weeks. Where do we find more time?

I teach happiness, I help others to become more mindful, realize their surroundings and take time to truly breath in the good/positive, and breath out the bad/negative. You can find more time, when you only do the things that you need to do, the things that have direct value for you or your family. It is when you are running around also for others, that you get fully lost in time and before you know, you realize that you have not done anything for yourself. Anything that truly makes you happy.

So, if at week 7 of 2020 you feel a little bit overwhelmed, it is not too late to hit the reset button. We’ve all hit CTR-ALT-DEL on our computers one time or another, it is time to reset ourselves now and find out what it is that you are doing that is not contributing directly to your own wellbeing. Reconnect with your inner core and reorganize this weeks (and the next) schedule. 

You may reset yourself as much times as you wish during the day, the week or the month. Get to know what makes you happy, find your purpose, find happiness!

Try it out and let me know how that felt!

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