Exactly 4 weeks ago I wrote my last blog and bragged about how good things were, how busy (too busy actually) I was. I recommended you and myself to take a break, CTR-ALT-DEL. I was really going in the right direction with that. How about you?

And here we are, 4 weeks later, Covid-19, the infamous Coronavirus has taken control of the world. Who invited you to the party?

Some of us have been sent home with no actual idea what is going to happen, some of us working from home and some of us still having to go to work. We absolutely have no idea what is going to happen, how long it is going to last, if it will infect us or a direct family member? We have no idea how long it is going to last and how it will affect us economically. 

On my little island, almost all restaurants are closed, the last couple of tourists are leaving the island, with the exception of a few stubborn ones who think they can hang out here. The supermarkets are still open and quite well stocked with everything you need. We don’t know for how long, so people are overbuying and stocking their homes for the worst case scenario. 

On the other hand there are people that truly believe that people are overreacting. These people go against all recommendations: stay home, practice social distancing, washing your hands. You would think that if the whole world recommends their people to do so, it is something to take seriously, no? What if we all really just for this once, followed the rules? Even if we think it does not apply to us? The longer you don’t comply, the longer the rules will be upheld and made even more stricter. A total shut down will be devastating. 

And on March 20, we normally celebrate the International Day of Happiness. This year forgotten by many. This year’s theme is “Happier Together”. I believe it is a great theme, especially now, in the middle of this global crisis. It’s the right time to find positive ways to look after ourselves and each other. Maybe we can’t be physically together, but we can make sure that our people know we care!

In all that I have read, the most touching to me and to share with you is that there are 3 positive steps we all can take when facing difficult times:

Keep Calm:      Breath and focus on what really matters so we can respond

Stay Wise:       Making wise choices helps everyone.

Be Kind:           We’re all in this together, even when we’re forced apart.
Let’s stay connected and reach out to help others who may be
in need.

Stay safe everyone! 

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