How to define success?

I’ve been reading a lot of short articles lately, while I should be actually reading a book (or more books for that matter). I can’t seem to find the energy to read a whole book yet. But, in this facilitating business that I am in now, I have noticed that if I don’t continue to educate myself, find out what the trends are today, what may be the trends tomorrow, I will not succeed.
What is succeeding? What does it exactly mean to me now? Is it getting the assignments that I want, or is it earning more money? Naah, it is definitely not the latter. While earning more money is always nice, that is NEVER my priority.
I want to be good at what I do, I want to have fun while doing it and I want to meet awesome people in the process. I have noticed that if that is my focus, automatically I will get more requests and of course that means more income. The downside: More work also means less time to spend with my family.
So what does success mean to me today?
Success to me is finding a balance between doing what I love and being with those I love. It also means that I need to be good at what I do, so that my customers are happy with what I deliver, the participants are enthusiastic to participate, give me good feedback and each time I need to
perform, I am excited again and again. Success to me, is also learning in the process that I don’t take up on all requests for work; I schedule my time better!
Sounds simple right? My success is now determined by the free time that I have to SPEND with those that I love, DO what I love most and MAKE time to read more! (the latter is a ‘work in progress’)

How do YOU determine your success?

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