Be consciously kind!

Be consciously kind(er) in traffic A couple of days ago, I almost ran over a man on a bike. I didn’t because I was being very careful and consciously very alert in the busy traffic of 7.30 am.  The man on the bike was driving on the wrong side, in my opinion he should have […]

Be the change that you want to see in the world

Today I start with the quote that everything happens for a reason, even if sometimes you don’t know why. I believe there is a reason why I was born. I will tell you a little bit about my family. Born and raised in Aruba, but from a teacher mother from Bonaire and a chief of […]


How to define success? I’ve been reading a lot of short articles lately, while I should be actually reading a book (or more books for that matter). I can’t seem to find the energy to read a whole book yet. But, in this facilitating business that I am in now, I have noticed that if […]