Goodbye 2020: The year EVERYTHING changed!

As down as I felt the first week this pandemic hit, as determined that I was when I shook it off and found ways to keep myself busy to survive that insecure feeling, that nervousness, – I afterwards found myself in a rollercoaster of activities, work and opportunities, making it impossible to sit down and […]

Transitioning to a Better Normal

It seems that we are sinking more and more in a spiral of discussions, fights and disagreements. Social media has made us become more articulate, less humble and definitely more inconsiderate of others feelings, beliefs or opinions.  What happened to ‘us’? While at one side I am learning from many people that the period they […]

Are we ready?

I am thinking a lot about the ‘new normal’. And I am concerned. I think we are not ready for the ‘new normal’, or any normal for that matter. We have so many experts on social media, it is almost funny. We have so many critics on social media, it is frightening. There is so […]

The New Normal

Today it marks 51 days ago that our lives were turned upside down, inside out, for some like a monster roller coaster ride and for others an empty long tunnel. It seems like the turbulence is slowing down; some of you can see (a tiny) light at the end of the tunnel? In the hope […]

Feeling Blue

For those that know me longer than today, know that I am a happy person, always positive, will always find a good in a bad situation, because everything happens for a reason. Right? Well, let me tell you that since March 13 that my kids came home with the notification that schools are closed, on Saturday […]

We will survive this one too!

…. None of us have ever experienced a global crisis before.  As I child growing up in Aruba, I remember 1985 when Lago closed, it was a difficult year for many families. A lot of them emigrated to the Netherlands, looking for a better future. They survived! 19 years ago, we experienced the effects of […]

International Day of Happiness in the middle of a global crisis

Exactly 4 weeks ago I wrote my last blog and bragged about how good things were, how busy (too busy actually) I was. I recommended you and myself to take a break, CTR-ALT-DEL. I was really going in the right direction with that. How about you? And here we are, 4 weeks later, Covid-19, the […]


It’s been 7 weeks since The Much Anticipated 2020…. What are you doing differently than a couple of months ago? Or have you fallen into your same old routine again? How are you holding up to those New Year’s resolutions? I knew I was going to be very busy the first ‘few’ weeks of the […]

End of the Year Reflections

As the end of the year nears, I realize it is also the end of a decade. Wow…. If I think back 10 years ago, did I ever consciously think where I would be now, 10 years later? Honestly? No! Maybe I did have a plan. Actually, I am sure I did. But did I […]

People in Leadership

My husband recently had a business trip to the beautiful island of Barbados. Now, that of course is not that interesting. What is, is that he met with the executives of this large corporation and what struck him immediately when he entered the board room was, that the majority of the executives present were women!   […]