Be consciously kind(er) in traffic

A couple of days ago, I almost ran over a man on a bike. I didn’t because I was being very careful and consciously very alert in the busy traffic of 7.30 am. 

The man on the bike was driving on the wrong side, in my opinion he should have then be consciously more careful, instead, after being almost ran over by me, he scolded me with all his passion on an early Tuesday morning. 

That was not nice. I understand he was startled, of course he must have seen what could have happened to him. 

I was startled too and it impacted me on such way that I write this little story today. What happened on that Tuesday made me realize that we are being very unkind in traffic. In more places too, but especially in traffic I have noticed a higher grade of unkindness. 

The traffic situation is what it is at the moment in Aruba. There was a lot of construction going on to make it better and some of you have not felt the positive change yet. We just have too many cars for the roads here on this tiny island. 

We must become more consciously kind in traffic. There simply is no other way. 

We all have to be somewhere, what if we all:

  1. Left home a little earlier 
  2. Were not on such a hurry all the time
  3. Used our signal lights 
  4. Gave others a chance 
  5. Instead of screaming or hunking at others, we are kind and caring?

Can we please become consciously kinder in traffic?

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